活動細則 T&C

說明 Instructions

http://foodsportweek.foodsport.com.hk/),將運動及卡路里消耗記錄(jpg, png, jpeg)上傳至FOODSPORT Wednesday網上平台。

Step 1 : Exercise on Wednesday regardless of location, time and type of exercise.
Step 2: Use any type of calorie tracking device to help you to track your calorie burnt record during exercise.
Step 3: Login to
http://foodsportweek.foodsport.com.hk/ and follow the steps to submit your calories (in jpg, png, jpeg format)
Step 4: After your submission, please share and encourage your friends to take action with you and join our calorie donation movement.


註 Remarks
- 如用手機上載,建議大家便用Chrome操作。
- 請確保運動及卡路里消耗記錄(照片)是2MB以內大小。
- 由於各位的照片紀錄檔案大小及網絡速度有所不同,導致上載時間較平時長或者出現問題,請大家耐心等候。
- 為了鼓勵更多人可以參與其中,毎人毎星期只可上載 
{max_calories_each} 次記錄,毎記錄以 400 千卡路里(kcal)為上限。- 如參加者消耗多於目標數值,FOODSPORT將以毎人 400 千卡路里(kcal)作計算。 
- 如有上載時遇上困難,請於Facebook活動專頁內的「後備提交卡路里區」提交。
- 一切有關參加者於活動中所受到任何財物損失、受傷或死亡,FOODSPORT均毋須負上任何責任。

- For better experience, use the Chrome browser if uploading from a smartphone
- Please ensure that each image proof uploaded is less than 2MB in file size
- Upload time will vary depending on the image size and network speed
- In order to encourage more people to participate, each participant can only upload 1  record(s) per a week, with maximum 400 kcal per upload. If the participant upload the calorie record exceed the limit of the maximum kcal per upload, FOODSPORT will accept the maximum 400 kilocalories (kcal).
- If participant has difficulty in uploading the record(s), please submit the record at the "Backup to Calorie Submission Zone" on the FOODSPORT Facebook event page.
- FOODSPORT is not be responsible for any loss, injury or death of any property suffered by the participant during the campaign.


活動細則 Terms and Conditions

  1. 主辦機構及FOODSPORT將不會向參加者提供卡路里量度裝置。參加者需自備及使用任何可量度消耗卡路里的裝置為卡路里計算工具(如:運動心率錶或手機應用程序APP等)
  2. 每名參加者需於限定時間內成功完成卡路里上載程序。
  3. 參加者報名及出席本活動即代表他/她是自願參加,並願意自行承擔所有責任。參加者一旦因在往返場地或活動中受到任何財物損失、受傷或死亡,FOODSPORT均毋須負上任何責任。
  4. 參加者保證所有填寫資料均正確真實,如有不實資料或虛假賬戶,FOODSPORT有權取消參加者的資格而無須事先通知。
  5. 參與者必須確保所有提交的內容真實準確(作品中均無使用他人圖像或文字部分)。 FOODSPORT保留自行決定在任何虛假提交時取消任何提交資格的權利。
  6. FOODSPORT有權刪除、修改、編輯及轉貼參加者於此發佈的文字等內容。參加者的留言必須與FOODSPORT有關。另外,留言不可含有粗言穢語、不雅或攻擊內容。
  7. 當參加者參加本次活動時,主辦單位將蒐集您的個人資料(包括姓名、電郵、電話及地址等資料),並作為本次活動之活動聯繫、活動通知、後續處理、聯絡、及宣傳記錄等目的使用之用途。
  8. 如有任何爭議,FOODSPORT保留最終決定權。如對本活動有任何查詢,歡迎電郵至 info@foodsportfoundation.org 與我們聯絡。
  9. 參加此活動代表著您已同意您向FOODSPORT及其附屬機構授予永久性,全球性,可獲得許可,可轉讓,非獨占,免版稅的許可,以發布,分發,複製,創建衍生作品,展示和以其他方式使用,以任何方式,全部或部分,以任何形式或媒體,現在或以後為了任何合法目的而開發的內容。您還授權FOODSPORT及其附屬公司以任何格式或媒體(現有或以後開發)在內容中使用,記錄,複製,分發,宣傳和展示您的圖像,攝影肖像,聲音,外觀和/或表現,以及您參與活動時收集或處理的您的姓名或其他個人或私人信息,以及在全球範圍內的任何合法目的。您同意將FOODSPORT及其關公司和代理商從與本新聞稿中提供的任何使用您的陳述,姓名,圖像,照片相似度,聲音,外觀和/或表現相關的任何或所有聲明中解除,並且您放棄事先批准的權利。
  10. 參加此活動代表著您已同意並承認及已閱讀並理解上述許可,棄權和發布,並同意所述的所有條款。
  1. The organizer and FOODSPORT will not provide devices to participants for the use of calorie calculation in this campaign. Participants are required to use their own devices (eg, exercise heart rate monitor or mobile app, etc.)
  2. Only submissions completed and successfully uploaded within the Event Period will be counted.
  3. Participant who are registered and joined this campaign means that he/she is willing to participate and is willing to take all responsibility. FOODSPORT shall not be liable for any loss, injury or death of the participants .
  4. Participants must ensure that all submissions are true and accurate. FOODSPORT reserve the right in their discretion to disqualify any submissions in the event of any false submissions.
  5. Participants must make sure the uploaded photos and content are original (there is no use of other people's images or text) and that they have not been published before the event. And the record does not plagiarize, steal or infringe any third intellectual property rights, and the content does not constitute or violates the law.
  6. Participants must only submit images and/or text content (“Content”) that is their original work and ensure that it contains no violation of any existing copyright or other third party right or any material of an obscene, indecent, libelous or otherwise unlawful nature.
  7. When participants participate in this event, the organizer and FOODSPORT will collect your personal information (including but not limited to name, email, phone number and address) and serve as the event contact, event notification, follow-up, contact, promotion and record use.
  8. In case of any dispute, FOODSPORT reserves the right of final decision. If you have any enquiries about this event, please feel free to contact us at info@foodsportfoundation.org.
  9. By participating in the event, you grant to FOODSPORT and its affiliates a perpetual, world-wide, sub-licensable, transferrable, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to publish, distribute, reproduce, create derivative works, display and otherwise use, in any way, in whole or in part, in any format or media, now existing or later developed, for any lawful purpose, the Content. You also grant permission to FOODSPORT and its affiliates to use, record, reproduce, distribute, publicize and display your image, photographic likeness, voice, appearance and/or performance in the Content in any format or media (now existing or later developed), as well as your name or other personal or private information that has been collected or processed in connection with your participation in the event, for any lawful purpose on a worldwide basis. You agree to release FOODSPORT and its affiliates and agents from any and all claims that relate to or arise from any use of your statements, name, image, photographic likeness, voice, appearance and/or performance as provided in this release and you waive the right of prior approval.
  10. By participating in the event, you agree and acknowledge that you have read and understood the above license, waiver, and release and agree to all terms described.